Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Say what?

Big confession here: I swear around my kids.
I even swear about stuff my kids do. I have on rare occasions been know to swear AT my kids. That is usually followed by loud giggles from the little monsters, and why do these kids never take me seriously anyway?
3 tbs of pudding + one Kitten = OMFG

So, a few days ago we had one of THOSE days. Those days that make me count the hours until the school year starts (next Tuesday. 146 hours.)

Yeah. That might get Mr. dump-all-my-toys-and-scribble-Sharpie-on-the-walls-then-take-mommy's-mixer-apart out of the house for a precious few hours a day, but darling little Ms. eat-the-tip-off-ballpoint-pen-then-smear-it-all-over-the-furniture-and-herself will still be here to make my life. way. too. interesting. I think I shall sell them for medical experiments. Then the husband gives them cheese puffs to add orange to the decorations on the couch. Maybe I sell him too.


But I digress. I may have used some unfortunate words to express my reaction to the day's creative activities. I may have even repeated myself a few times. But really, why should my children have to learn to swear on the street, or the playground, when I can teach them properly, in the safety and nurturing environment of our home?

 There are times when having both children with speech delays is actually a good thing. Sort of.

By the way, can you think of anything that I can use to cover the phrase "cocksucker" with? When the Monkey says "Goddammit" it sounds a bit like "got them". He doesn't pronounce f's very well, so we have fuck you covered with "thank you". But this sounds like "coatsutta" and I can't quite come up with an "oh I think he is saying-" type phrase. I am not ashamed, mind you. Not me. 


  1. Ba ha ha We had a wonderful speech pathologist(nice religious lady) who said if my son used 'fuck' appropriately we would definitely count it as a word. During these long Canadian winters the aides struggle to get my son outside at break. "oh look its snowing!" "oh fuck" When I asked what they did the answer was stay inside of course lol

  2. Coat and sweater perhaps. Maybe it's cold outside ;-)