Sunday, 27 January 2013


My son has been singing a whole lot lately. I love to hear him. He is participating at circle time at his school, and actually staying still (more or less) and singing along with the class. Amazing for my Monkey to be paying enough attention to learn the words, to follow the rhythm, and take his place in a group.
However, this development is not without, well, not drawbacks exactly, lets call them...eccentricities. The Monkey knows the words to the songs at his school, and often to the songs on the radio. In the past he got downright irate if you made a mistake, or, heavens forfend, deliberately changed a single lyric in one of the songs he had memorized.
These days, he is doing his own substitutions, and Mommy is getting a little concerned that his versions will be revealed at circle time. A few examples: (I wish I could record these, but have had no luck so far)

"the issy bissy pida cwold up the wata spout! down came Decepticons an wipe a pida out!"

"if you like it then you shoulda pu' some pants on it!"

"row row row ya boat f*ck you down the stream!"

These are generally delivered at the top of his lungs, one line, over and over and over. His favorite venue for these performances is in the tub, but he doesn't mind an impromptu concert in the car...and yeah, the words "Decepticons" , "pants", and "f*ck you" are nicely pronounced and much clearer than his usual speech. 
I applaud his creative approach. I am really happy that he is at last pronouncing his f's properly, since that has always been an issue for him. But, well, you can see there might be some repercussions over his creative choices here. I hate to stifle his artistic expression, but I think I am going to have to er, revise some of those lyrics again. Perhaps reduce his television viewing. And maybe watch my language more.


  1. too funny!

    I once worked with a teenage boy with severe brain damage who put the word "poopy" into almost every Christmas song he knew. He would change the form of the word to fit the context. He sang these all year long - at the top of his lungs of course!

    1. Yup, and there doesn't seem to be a volume control.

  2. OMG, I love him!