Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget.
Day in, day out, I get used to the way things are.
I forget that "most kids" at his age don't line their toys up in patterns all over their room, and cry real tears of anguish when they are accidentally disturbed.
I forget that "most kids" don't howl, flap, jump and run circuits of the house when they are excited about the show they are watching.
I forget that "most kids" at his age can hold a pencil, use a spoon, pull a lever, push a button, squish play dough in their hand.
I forget that "most kids" at his age can kick a ball, run without stumbling, carry something without crushing or dropping it.
I forget that "most kids" at his age can sit and eat in a restaurant without climbing under the table of the booth beside them, can wait for their food without keening in distress and punching the seat.
I forget that "most kids" at his age don't deliberately poop their pants, then play with their toys in it.
I forget that "most kids" his age can talk easily, in full sentences, to almost anyone.

Then we go to the playground, or the mall, or a restaurant, and I see the other kids. Kids smaller and younger, who do all the things kids their age usually do. Kids who seem to be listening to their parents, enjoying a snack, playing appropriately.
Then I remember. He isn't quite like them. He can't do what they do. He doesn't act like they act.
He isn't "most kids".
It is always a little shock, that "normal" exists most places. But not in our house.
In our house, normal is therapists, accommodations, precautions, damage control. It's always being careful, vigilant, aware. Never careless or resting without consequences.
Sometimes I remember.
Some days that is okay with me.
Some days it hurts to see him not fit in.
Some days I am just too tired or busy to think about it.
Most days I just wish I could forget "normal" is out there, and is not always a welcoming place for me and mine. I know I am not supposed to want him to be different, to be anything other than who he is, where he is right now.
Most days, I just want to be normal. Whatever that means.
And on good days, I forget.


  1. I forget, too, and it will gut punch me.

  2. This is beautiful and hard to read. My heart goes out to you - "normal" can be exhausting enough. I wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog post but I'm trying not to get too involved in the comments section (hopefully... we'll see). By the way I LOVE your profile "pic" cartoon - hilarious.